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about me

My name is Robert Gajewski, in full version Richard Robert Gajewski. I use my middle name because of my parets' decission. Many, many years ago their neighbours used rather ugly abbreviation clling their son Richard... I have also some nicks. First, Gajowy,  is from school times and means in Polish... gamekeeper. Another version of Gajowy has its origin from sailing holidays in Croatia where many nice names end with vacko - so I am also recognized as Gajovacko. My last nick was created by network administrator in University of Michigan. I was asked to create my login. The easies rg and rrg were already occupied so I was given... RoGaj. I belong to category 50+ which is of great concern in European Community and in Poland. I have been working for more than thirty years for Warsaw University of Technology. One year ago my wife Kate and me decided to move from Warsaw to Wołomin, a small town in its neighbourhood. We live here in a small house close to the forest together with two dogs: Sara and Gapa and still only one Cat Docent. Due to poor and overcrowded roads I am mainly a teleworker. And last but not least... I completed Doctoral Thesis (PhD) and so called habilitation so I could be called Associated Professor.